Decades are a rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Made up of 4 long-time musically collaborative friends; Emma Cameron (guitar, vocals, song writer), Liam Muir (guitar, song writer), Daniel Perry (drums), and Curtis Booth (bass, beard).

After 6 years working independently, Decades met Tom Larkin (Shihad, VVV Mgmt) and started working together in 2015 on the band's first album. Decades released their debut album, The Truth and Other People, on July 14th 2017. Decades have put together an album of 10 tracks forming an - at times - controversial story following the relationship tribulations and a love triangle of front-woman Emma Cameron. Leading the story with the band’s debut single, Terrified – which details the night she made the decision to change her life – The Truth and Other People rolls out in a track-by-track timeline of the emotions and events it spurned.

“Often a taboo subject; but one I feel a lot of people my age experience when going through that development stage of being a late teenager in to adulthood, this album describes a period of time where you really start to figure out your own life path, values, passions, and seek to surround yourself with people who share these with you. It’s a hard story to tell; growing up, growing apart, the effects other people can have on each other, and finding the strength to tell the truth to people, but more importantly; to yourself.”


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